Reviews can be the difference between a customer and a lost opportunity!

In today's digital-first world, a business's online reputation is its most valuable asset. Every day, millions of local customers search the internet to research products, services, and businesses before deciding where to go for dinner or whose services they want to use.

Now, imagine this!

A potential customer searching for your business and seeing no reviews or possibly a negative one. 
Now What? That negative review, without context or a response from you, could mean the customer takes that at face value, potentially costing you their trust and business. A simple response from you could have potentially prevented that! 

Now, multiply that by the countless platforms where customers can leave reviews.
Do you currently monitor them all?

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Some common Challenges our current customers have:

Struggling to monitor reviews across all the platforms.

Feeling overwhelmed by negative feedback and having to respond.

Unsure how to best respond to get the most out of all the review websites.

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Why Online Reviews Matter to Your Business:

Influence: 90% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a purchase.
Impact: A single negative review without a response can deter customers (and you would never know).

Influence: Reviews and online comments can help sway a customer to do business with you, even if the review is bad.
Impact: A bad review can be turned into an opportunity.

Influence: Search engines like Google, take into account how active a business is responding to review and how they respond.
Impact: By responding, you have a chance to rank higher on major search engines.

Comprehensive Monitoring:

We keep an eye on all the platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, ensuring you never miss a review.

Personalized Responses:

Our team crafts tailored responses to both praise and criticism, maintaining your brand's image.

Negative Review Management:

We don't just monitor; we act. We'll work to address and, where possible, remove unjust negative feedback.

Why Choose Digital One?

Reviews are the digital word-of-mouth. They can boost your business or break it. With 95% of consumers consulting online reviews before a purchase, can you afford to leave your reputation to chance?

Let Digital One monitor and respond to all your reviews so you can focus on taking care of customers in person!

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